Due to client confidentiality, I'm not able to highlight as much work here as I'd like. To see more, email me at jim@jimtausch.com, or call 585-576-1666.

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In between the writing projects, I frequently have the opportunity to "shake it up" with a video project. I'm not a videographer or editor, but I have been writing, producing and directing video for so long that clients will often use me along with their in-house or contracted video crew to serve as writer/producer/director with ultimate responsibility for how the finished product goes together. Here is a recent example of a video produced for the UK market (we actually did several voiceovers read by two different voice actresses to accompany the footage so we could localized versions).


WORK SAMPLE: Xerox Replacement Cartridges Video

Here's a quick video promoting Xerox Replacement Cartridges for HP and Brother printers. Shot at Text 100 in Rochester's High Falls area, (along with some stock footage and images). Script and video direction by yours truly.


Work Sample: 75th Anniversary of Xerography

Over the past year I've had the pleasure of completing close to 30 projects for Xerox -- mostly copywriting and video direction. One of the first projects was a magazine-format publication to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the xerographic process. It was a lot of fun to meet at the Xerox Archive with the rest of the creative team, brainstorming content and putting the outline together. I contributed the structure, as well as the copy, headlines and callouts.

Click here to download a PDF of the entire publication (about 8 MB).