Due to client confidentiality, I'm not able to highlight as much work here as I'd like. To see more, email me at jim@jimtausch.com, or call 585-576-1666.

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Video Production

A video is a big investment, and it's also (like building a website) one of the least understood processes for most clients. I can help you throughout the entire process -- from concept and pre-production, through to post production coordination and polish.

I can write your script and then leave you alone, or work with your videographers and editors to produce and direct an award-winning final cut.

Need a field producer to work with a local crew? I've managed crews in cities across America, conducted off camera interviews with dozens of C-level executives, hundreds of celebrities, heads of state and ordinary people.

Bring me in to work with your team, or hire me to assemble a team specifically for your project.

Here's how I can help:

  • Concepting, scripting, storyboarding
  • Casting consulting, location selection, studio booking & coordination
  • Crew coordination and management
  • Off camera interviews, speaker/subject prep
  • Directing, producing, executive producing