Due to client confidentiality, I'm not able to highlight as much work here as I'd like. To see more, email me at jim@jimtausch.com, or call 585-576-1666.

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There's an art to writing copy that goes beyond mere statement of fact. It's about making a connection with your audience. Sometimes that calls for a clever turn of phrase. Sometimes it takes the truth in plain, simple language. But it always takes skill, experience and an understanding of  the emotional weight carried by one word over another. That's a copywriter's chief skill.

So does depth of experience.

I've always been a writer, regardless of title or position. I've had over a decade of experience in an agency setting, in positions ranging from copywriter to creative director. I have an equal amount of experience in live event and video production, including several years working as a producer for three different national, 24-hour live cable television networks.

I also have a background in non-profit management, which means I understand the particular needs of writing for fundraising, member retention, annual reports and grant requests.

You can read about the specifics of my experience here, or explore my journal (or use the portfolio links at the left) for samples of work. I have a lot more to show, but due to the nature of the work I do as a freelancer, I'm not able to show much of it here.

Check back often for new portfolio pieces, or subscribe to the RSS feed (at the right) for effortless updates.